Course Description

Systemize Automate Delegate is an essential course for any aspiring entrepreneur or author. In this course you'll learn how to systemize your business, automate busy work and delegate key tasks so that you can focus on doing work that you love.

Bestselling author of Secrets of the Six-Figure Author and Founder of TCK Publishing

Tom Corson-Knowles

Tom Corson-Knowles is a serial entrepreneur, blogger and international bestselling author. He started his first business at age 13, manufacturing SAD lamps out of his father’s garage. By the time he graduated from Indiana University Kelley School of Business at age 22, he was earning a full-time income from his first successful business which he started in his dorm room.Tom then decided to share the keys to success that he had learned along his journey to becoming a financially independent entrepreneur through his books, videos, and seminars. Today, he teaches new and established authors and writers how to achieve incredible success by writing and selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle.Tom is the founder of TCK Publishing, an international trade book publisher that is leading the industry in providing advanced marketing support for authors. TCK Publishing specializes in marketing for both fiction and non-fiction authors to help get their messages and stories out to millions of readers all over the world.Tom is also the founder of the Publishing Profits Podcast show where he interviews bestselling authors, literary agents, publishers, marketers, and creative people to help you discover what’s working right now to grow your business and create a life you love.Tom’s bestselling books include Secrets of the Six-Figure Author, The Kindle Publishing Bible,Facebook For Business Owners, and The Kindle Writing Bible, among others.Tom is often quoted as saying,“You can achieve all of your dreams as an author if you’re willing to master the three key areas of authorship: writing, publishing and marketing.”

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Systemize Automate Delegate

    • Course Introduction

    • Be Willing to Do Whatever It Takes

    • Getting Clear - The Key to Growing Your Business 10x

    • The Cool vs Not Cool List a la Frank Kern

    • Mind Mapping Your Key Business Activities

    • The Entrepreneur Job Description

    • Understanding Opportunity Cost

    • Choosing the Right Clients

    • The Marketing Formula for Success

    • Do What Works and Stop Doing What Doesn't Work

    • Do Your Bookkeeping Every Single Month

    • How to Reduce Unwanted Email Clutter by 37% Overnight

    • How to Unsubscribe From Newsletters and Spam with 1-Click

    • How to Use an Autoresponder for Email Marketing

    • Business Secrets from John D. Rockefeller

    • Always Hire A Players

    • Always Hire Based on Past Performance

    • The Easiest Way to Find Good Freelancers and Contractors

    • The Best Place to Find Great Employees and Freelancers

    • Kaizen and the Art of Constant Improvement

    • Conclusion

  • 2

    Bonus Lessons

    • Questions from Students Answered

    • Grant Cardone Interview on Sales and Marketing